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BLH Construction was established in 1992 as Bronson Log Homes and as a sole proprietorship by Bill Bronson.  In April of 1995, Bronson Log Homes became a closely held corporation with the addition of Dean Himes.  Between the two men there is over 50 years of experience.  BLH Construction is a builder of quality, custom hand-crafted home packages & frame buildings.

We have constructed homes and commercial buildings in many areas.  The majority of log packages produced by BLH Construction are full time residences.  Many are "executive type" homes, having all the structural and energy codes in all parts of the country while retaining a warm, relaxing atmosphere.  The size and style vary from a 25 sq. ft. dog house to a 25,000 sq. ft. luxury ski lodge.

BLH Construction promotes healthy forests by utilizing secondary wood products not only for our homes, but also for creating beautiful hand-crafted furniture and accessories such as stairs and railing.  We offer a line of products from paper towel holders to king size beds, dressers and couches.

A quality BLH Home is customized to fit your lifestyle.  Custom designs and plans are available to create a home of timeless beauty.  BLH Construction looks forward to serving your needs for a lifetime of comfort and satisfaction.

The logs are green or dead standing Engleman Spruce, Western Larch, Lodgepole Pine and Douglas Fir.  BLH Construction tries to allow the customer to choose the species of logs as much as possible but, schedules and log availability will sometimes determine the type of log used.  The logs are fit by hand-scribing each log to the other using scribes, chisels and chain saws.  The logs remain tapered and round on both the inside and outside.  Only the bark is removed, peeled with a draw knife, leaving the natural shape of the log.  There are no visible splices showing in the walls.  This is good both structurally and aesthetically.

All the log packages are completely assembled in the Enterprise log yard.  Each log is then designated according to plans with a number and letter before the package is disassembled and shipped to the building site.  The package is permanently reassembled by the numbers on the foundation.  Upon the re-erection of logs, the roof is completed, door and windows are installed and the finish work begins.  The remainder of tasks to be done require basic construction techniques with some minor modifications.  We will provide technical assistance to you as the home owner or to your contractor during every stage of construction.  We do not want to sell you a pile of logs and leave you to figure everything out yourself.  Happy customers are our best salesmen.

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